Make A Bike Goal


Excuse: “I don’t know where to start.”

A total bike overhaul can be overwhelming, so start by making a simple bike-related goal. Seeing as it is Bike to Work Week, this is the perfect week to give it a try!

1)    Set an attainable bike goal. TheLEAGUE-BikeMonth

My goal is to bike all trips within three miles of my house for the next year (and hopefully beyond). I pulled up a map of my address, found a point three miles away, and made a circle. My goal is to bike all trips within the circle. Drawing a blank for a goal of your own? Below are a few examples of goals I’ve heard from friends:

– Bike at least once a week.

– Train to do a 25-mile bike ride.

– Become a one-car family. (Family Goal)

– Try biking to work once.

2)    Identify any stipulations.

I know my husband won’t bike all trips under three miles, so one of my stipulations is that driving is acceptable if we are going somewhere together and he refuses to bike with me. Don’t make stipulations too general or you’ll fall back on it more than you need (i.e. the stipulation “unless I don’t feel like it” won’t get you very far).

3)    Set some accountability.

Find a friend, find a group, start a blog (ahem). Do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re accountable to your goal.

po campo

Want to Bike to Work? 

Check out these helpful Tips & Tricks to Biking to Work (and showing up presentable) from our friends at Po Campo:

Tips & Tricks of Biking to Work


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