Sweet Bike Gear: Skirt Garter Strap


What it is: Skirt Garter Clip by Bird Industries

Do I own it: No, but in everyone’s best interest, I should

What it does: Keeps it classy (ie keeps your skirt in place while you bike)

Who would love it: Classy people and the general public who sees them bike

Where to buy it: The Bird Industries Website or their Etsy Store

What it costs: $12

Other comments: If you need further encouragement to invest in one of these guys (or to attempt making one yourself), here’s an excerpt from the Bird Industries Etsy Store that should help:

Repeat after me. “Spandex is not a fashion statement.”
Repeat after me. “I can look sexy on my bike.”
Repeat after me. “Spandex is NOT a fashion statement.”

You don’t have to give up style when you ride your bike. Keep the earth happy, make your trip to the farmer’s market or the movies easy, and look good without flashing all of the greater city area.



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