Sweet Bike Gear: Revolights



What it is: Wheel lights by Revolights

Do I own it: No – but that would be amazing.

What it does: Fulfills the purpose of a normal set of bike lights, but adds visibilty to your bicycle (with minimal hardware)

Who would love it: People who bike at night


Where to buy it: From the Revolights website

What it costs: $229 + S&H

Other comments: My regular bike lights are just fine, they get the job done. But I really love that these lights give your bike a profile, making the front and back of your bike obvious to drivers.

Not surprisingly, the folks at Revolights have a better description of their product:


Revolights provide superior lighting by fully illuminating a cyclist’s path. Unlike traditional headlights, which focus light on a single location, Revolights throw a uniquely even and wide vertical swath of light, illuminating not only the ground but road signs and elevated obstacles as well. The light’s low origin also allows riders to determine the height of obstacles in the road by the length of their shadows.


Unlike traditional bike lights, which project light in only one direction, Revolights cast 360 degrees of illumination, making it much easier for others to see the rider. This improves safety tremendously, as most nighttime bike-car collisions are due to inadequate side visibility.

I guess I’m not the only one impressed with Revolights:

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