Fitting A Bike Helmet


If helmets make you uncomfortable for fashion reasons, that’s one thing. However, your helmet should not be physically uncomfortable. (Speaking of uncomfortable, I should’ve found a volunteer for these photos, “selfies” are not my specialty.)

If your helmet is bothering you, use the Eyes, Ears, Mouth Check. This check will make your helmet fit comfortably, and more importantly, ensure that it is on correctly.



With your helmet on your head, look up. You should be able to see the brim of your helmet. If you can’t, your helmet is too far back on your head. As you might guess, if you can’t see, your helmet is too far forward. Adjust your helmet so that it hits in the middle of your forehead. Another way to think of it is to do a salute motion. You want the helmet brim to land in the middle of your forehead where your hand is when you salute.

ears 2


Make a peace sign with your fingers. Take that peace sign and put it under your ears. Your straps should follow the lines of your fingers, the straps meeting slightly below your ear, where your jaw hinges. The straps should come together high enough to make a “Y” shape (not a “V”).



With your helmet strapped, you should be open to open your mouth comfortably, but still feel the strap. Place two fingers between your chin and your helmet strap. If you can fit more fingers in, tighten the strap. If you can’t fit two, loosen the strap.

Do a final check by rolling and shaking your head around a bit. Your helmet should stay in place and not be digging in anywhere. Comfortable or not, a helmet that isn’t on right will not be as effective as it was designed to be! 

In the meantime, I’ve had my helmet for three years so it’s time to replace it.

Which of the following helmets do you think would best complement my Boda Boda?

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.11.43 AM


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