Sweet Bike Gear: ABUS Folding Lock


What it is: Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 – ie a Folding Lock by ABUS folding lock 2

Do I own it: Hopefully someday – these things are pretty great

What it does: Provides a high level of theft protection in a compact, easy to transport lock

Who would love it: People with nice bikes and/or bikes they like

Where to buy it: In Chicago? Village Cycle Center or Online

What it costs: $145 + S&H


folding lock 4

Other comments: When I’m honest with myself, I know my puny lock is not nearly secure enough for my sweet Boda Boda. One of these days I’m going to walk to get my bike, see that it’s been stolen and know that I was an idiot for not just getting this lock. Why this lock? Well, since I’m not always locking up to convenient bike racks, it’s nice to have a lock that is flexible like a cable without being easy to cut. I also love that the lock transports in a little holster that hardly takes up any space. And, not that this has to do with the lock, but I love that ABUS is a family owned company that is committed to taking care of their employees and making quality products. They do make other versions of this lock, I may go with the Bordo 6000, which rings in at $109.00. ABUS does have an even less expensive version (the Bordo Lite 6050) but I was told by an ABUS rep that this is intended for quick stops, for example somebody with a nice road bike stopping for a coffee on a long morning ride (not somebody locking up for 4 hours in the city).

folding lock 3


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