Sweet Bike Gear: Road Bike Mini-Tool Keychain



What it is: Road Bike Tool + Keychain  by Vixay Design

Do I own it: Nope

What it does: A easy to clip-on keychain that is also a bike tool

Who would love it: People with road bikes and/or people who have keys

Where to buy it: The Vixay Design Etsy Store

What it costs: $16.95

Other comments: Even if this was just a keychain that looked like a bike, I would like it. However, it is so much more. Ever since I started biking I’ve used a carribeaner on my keys. However, the springiness (maybe not a real word) wears out and I end up losing keys along the way. I love that this is a design that is easy to clip on whatever you’re wearing. Best of all it is a bike tool! I need this keychain, I love it. It’s simple, funky, bikey, and, functional.

descriptive picture



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