Sweet Bike Gear: Reflective Fashion


Reversible Racing Jacket

Reversible Racing Jacket

What it is: Haute Reflecture by VespertineNYC

Do I own it: Not yet

What it does: Keeps you safe and attractive

Who would love it: Biking fashionistas who realize the importance of being seen

Where to buy it: The VespertineNYC website or their etsy shop

What it costs: $30-$500+

Other comments: I had the pleasure meeting the team from VespertineNYC and trying on some of their fantastic items at last year’s National Bike Summit in DC. It’s not surprising that there was a mini-swarm around their table. From bracelets to jackets, they combine reflective safety gear with clothing items and accessories worth wearing. Whether their leaf bracelet (the Laurel Bracelet) or their reflective trench (the trench Oyster), these are clothes I would wear even if they weren’t reflective. Personally I’d love to get my hands on the Sash-ay Scarf Flash Tweet ($92, a short version for $72) and their Gossamer Belt ($40) – Ok, I’d take any of it. Bottom line, I like that people are thinking beyond orange crossing guard vests when it comes to safe bike clothing.

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