Sweet Bike Gear: PostPump Seatpost


Biologic PostPump 2.0

Click the image to visit the BioLogic website

What it is: PostPump Seatpost by BioLogic

Do I own it: Nope – Not sure if they make one to fit my bike

What it does: Conveniently transports a floor pump as a seat post

Who would love it: Anybody who likes having fully inflated tires (everyone)

Where to buy it: The BioLogic websiteAmazon, and plenty of other places

What it costs: $50

Other comments: Good floor pumps can be pretty expensive, closer to $100. This pump is a bargain for something so clever and convenient. It also comes with an adapter for both Schrader and Presta valves which makes it even better. Before I buy one of my own I’ll have to do some research into my seat post size as my Boda Boda seat post is pretty big. For those new to biking, it’s important to note that seatposts come in a variety of sizes. Ask your local bike shop for help if you don’t know the size of yours.

Need a refresher on how to properly inflate your tires? Check out this blog post.

Remember, if you’re seeing a video at the bottom of this post, it was not put there by me as part of this post. This is an advertisement that WordPress puts there so I can keep blogging for free!


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