Power Pedal Position


Excuse: “I wobble into traffic when I first get started.”

One of the handiest bike tricks is one that I’m surprised more people don’t know, or at least they don’t use it. I found that after months of biking with my husband that he was still not using it. It’s something that, if you’re struggling to learn how to ride a bike, is likely one of the problems. What is this handy trick? The Power Pedal. Before I explain how to do it, I’ll explain when and why to use it.

First, Power Pedal position allows you the strongest possible first pedal stroke as you begin biking. This means less wobbling and a faster start – both very important when you’re biking with traffic. You should return your pedal back to Power Pedal position every time you stop, to maximize your start.

Power Pedal Biking Tutorial

One of the best things about getting my Boda Boda was that I no longer had coaster brakes getting in the way of a good start.

First, are you right or left handed/footed? That is your Power Pedal side.

Next, while straddling the bike, rotate the pedal on your power side so that it is just past the top of the rotation. For those clock savvy folks, you want the pedal at about 2 o’clock position for  righties, 10 o’clock position for lefties.

When you’re ready to start moving, push all your weight and force into that power pedal leg.

I realize the Power Pedal is not complex at all. If it’s seems complex from the instructions above, you’re over-thinking it. One sidenote, if you have coaster brakes, Power Pedal position is something you should have your pedals in as you brake. Meaning, as you cruise to a stop, make sure you’re stopping with the pedal at the top of your stronger side. Or, once you stop, roll forward and pull your pedal into position.

If you’re seeing a video at the bottom of this post, it was not put there by me. This is an advertisement that WordPress posts so I can keep blogging for free!

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