Sweet Bike Gear: Seirus Innovation Balaclava

Seirus Balaclava

What it is: Seirus Innovation Balaclava


Other colorful balaclavas

Seirus Balaclava

Do I own it: Yes

What it does: Keeps your face and head warmer than you ever thought possible

Who would love it: Anyone biking through a Chicago winter

Where to buy it: Amazon, Sears, Kmart

What it costs: Around $20

Other comments: Last week I was sick, so when I went outside after being indoors for two days, I realized winter had arrived. It is officially balaclava time. Yes, you can buy some fleece and make a balaclava – it’s not that complicated of a design. However, I have a feeling it’s worth the investment in one of these guys. I’ve only had this one, so I don’t have much to compare it to. I wore it all through the winter here in Chicago and it made such a huge difference. Although it does make you look like you are going to rob a bank, and black isn’t exactly the safest color for night biking, it has been one of my most vital pieces of bike gear. I particularly like the elastic around the face hole, I can pull it back to be a neck-warmer if I get too hot, or it can leave just room for my eyes.

Remember, if you’re seeing a video at the bottom of this post, it was not put there by me as part of this post. This is an advertisement that WordPress puts there so I can keep blogging for free!


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