Sweet Bike Gear: Multiclava

Multiclava Eddie Bauer

multiclava eddie bauerWhat it is: Multiclava from Eddie Bauer

Do I own it: No

What it does: Provides a lot of options for keeping your head/face/neck/ears warm

Who would love it: Winter cyclists

Where to buy it: Eddie Bauer stores or online

What it costs: $20

Other comments: Happened across this little gem in an Eddie Bauer the other day. It was instantly added to my Christmas wish list. Unlike my usual balaclava, this one can be worn in various ways and (even more importantly) comes in much better colors. From the reviews on the website it appears that users use it for just about all the options shown on the package. It appears it also isn’t just a cool weather accessory – here’s what the Eddie Bauer store description had to say about the multiclava:

All-season outdoor essential that should be in your pack every time you go out. Multi-use accessory can be worn as a balaclava, cap, headband, neck gaiter, face mask, wrist band and many other ways. Lightweight polyester fabric shields skin from sun and wind, wicks moisture, and breathes well for comfort.

multiclava eddie bauer

Remember, if you’re seeing a video at the bottom of this post, it was not put there by me as part of this post. This is an advertisement that WordPress puts there so I can keep blogging for free!


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