About My Bike

It took me two years to pick out a bike that was able to do what I needed it to do. Although I love biking to workout, I primarily use my bike in place of a car. I needed a bike that could haul groceries, was easy to get around on, and was sweet to look at. I also discovered that the primary reason I did default to driving was when I needed to pick somebody up – so I needed a bike that could accomodate more than one passenger.

Then I found the Boda Boda by Yuba Bicycles. boda boda

Here is what caught my attention about the Boda Boda:

  • Seating: The back rack that can be used as a seat – it’s pretty comfortable too! Honestly, this is what won me over about the Boda Boda. It’s also nice that the seat just looks like a rack, so if I don’t have passengers I don’t look like a creeper riding solo on a tandem.
  • Step-Through Frame: I wear skirts and dresses often when I bike, so the step-through comes in handy so I can keep it classy.
  • It Can Haul: As a cargo bike, the Boda Boda is designed to carry a lot of stuff. It’s named after Boda Boda bikes in AfricaGoogle that and you’ll see some crazy feats of bicycle hauling.
  • It’s Pretty: I had plenty of people make fun of my last bike. When you’re biking to work every day and attempting to look professional, it doesn’t help when you show up on a beat-up old bike. I want it to be obvious that biking is my choice, not my last resort.
  • Good Price: Cargo bikes really can replace a car, so it makes sense they can cost as much as one. The Boda Boda is nice because the base price is just $1,000. Very doable.
  • City Built: The Boda Boda was designed with city living in mind. It’s narrow and short, unlike usual cargo bikes. It can still fit on a bus rack and is easy to take on the train, both things I knew I’d likely use it for.
  • It’s Light: For city dwellers, the ability to pick up your bike and carry it up stairs, onto trains, etc is really helpful. I believe the Boda Boda weighs in around 25 pounds.

Thinking of one for yourself? Check out the Yuba website. They’ve got some great options for bicycles and a ton of cool (and practical) accessories. If you want to know more about my Yuba or have specific questions – Tweet or Email me.

Their Website: Yuba Bicycles

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…I’m not the only one who’s noticed the Boda Boda and Yuba Bicycles:BicyclingMagBodaReview-1


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